A-PBA Annual Conference 2019

Asia-Pacific Biosafety and Biosecurity

Annual Conference 2019 of the Asia Pacific Biosafety Association is going to be organized at Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 19 - 20 September. Venue will be decided shortly. More than 100 participants from 50 different countries around the world, in addition to Bangladeshi participants, will participate in this conference.

Biosafety and Biosecurity – For Sustainable Development in Health and Agriculture

CONFERENCE PROGRAM* 19 to 20 September 2019


Inaugural Session

Facilitated by Ms Tania Mannan, Assistant Professor, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences & Faculty Member and the Member of the General Body, Chhayanaut, the Leading Cultural Organization in Bangladesh

08.00 – 09.30


09:31 – 09:40

Recitation from the Holy Books

09:41 – 10:00

Welcoming Cultural Show with Introducing Six Seasons in Bangladesh, by Sharmila Banerjee, Nrityanandan, Chhayanaut

10:01 – 10:20

Welcome Addresses

Dr Saraswathy Subramaniam, President, Asia Pacific Biosafety Association Dr Asadulghani, President, Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society

10:21 – 10:30

Address by the Chief Guest

10:31 – 11:00

Coffee/Tea Break

Technical Session: 1

Time: 11:01 – 12:30

Title: Global Updates on Biosafety and Biosecurity

Moderator: Ms Maureen Elis, International Federation of Biosafety Associations

12:21 – 12:30


12:31 - 14:00

Lunch Break


Technical Session: 2

Time: 14:01 – 15:30

Title: Current Status of Biosafety and Biosecurity in Asia Pacific

Moderator: Dr Saraswathy Subramaniam, President, Asia Pacific Biosafety Association

15:21 – 15:30


15:31 – 16:00

Coffee/Tea Break


Technical Session: 3

Title: Emerging Science and Technology – New Challenges

Time: 16:01 – 17:30

Moderator: Viji Vijayan, Assistant Dean, Safety, Health, Emergency, Research Integrity & Compliance Department and Central Procurement, Director, Research Operations, Duke-NUS Medical School

17:21 – 17:30


17:31 – 19:00


19:01 – 20:00

Cultural Program

20:01 – 21:00




Technical Session: 4

Title: Facility and Biocontainment

Time: 09:00 – 10:30

Moderator: Prof Dr Srisin Khusmith, Professor, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University. Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Thailand

10:21 – 10:30


10:31- 11:00

Coffee/Tea Break


Technical Session: 5

Title: Public Health – Emerging and Re-emerging Threats

Time: 11:01 – 12:30

Moderator: Dr Lim Yang Mooi, Professor, Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia



12:31 – 14:00

Lunch Break


Technical Session: 6

Title: Public Health – Food and Agricultural Safety and Security  

Time: 14:01 – 15:30

Moderator: Dr Latiful Bari, Head Food Safety Laboratory, Center for Advanced Research In Sciences, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

15:21 – 15:30


15:31 – 16:00

Coffee/Tea Break


Technical Session: 7

Title: Evolving Threats in Biosecurity & Bioterrorism

Time: 16:01 – 17:30

Moderator: Dr Lim Yang Mooi, Professor, Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

17:21 – 17:30


17:31 – 18:00




*World leaders from respective areas are invitd to present, on the selected topics of importance and highly relevant for sustainable development in Bangladesh, during the conference. Overall this conference program is a complete package for knowledge and understanding on Biosafety and Biosecurity at present world.

Who Should Attend

* Agriculturalist, Biochemist, Biotechnologists, Botanists, Clinical Biochemists, Clinical Microbiologists, Clinical Pathologists, Environmentalists, Medical Doctors, Medical Microbiologists, Medical Technologists, Microbiologists, Molecular Biologists, Veterinarians, and Zoologists including all the disciplines of Biological Sciences

* Biosafety Professionals and Practitioners

* Biosafety Managers

* Consultants in relevant areas

* Engineers and Architects working for designing hospitals, laboratories, or related facilities

* Professionals interested in the updates on Biosafety and Biosecurity

* Scientists, Researchers and Laboratory Workers

Register Online and Submit Abstract


Date of Birth:


Academic Qualification:



Member Registration Fee: 200 USD

Non-Member Registration Fee: 250


Cell phone:

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Oral presentation

Poster Presentation


Abstracts submission guidelines

Contribution or advancement in any area of biological sciences prioritizing safety and security or direct contributing in the field of biosafety, biosecurity, biological waste management, will be considered for submission. The priority areas are-

* Biosafety and Biosecurity in microbiological and biomedical research and diagnosis

* Culture free disease diagnosis and effective disease detection and control strategies in Bangladesh

* Biosafety and Biosecurity in agriculture and livestock

* Biosafety and Biosecurity in genetically modified organisms

* Biological waste management

All abstracts must be in ENGLISH, the combined length of the abstract title, list of authors, and body should not exceed 300 words. Please be sure to carefully check your abstract for content errors, spelling, names, etc. before submitting. A-PBA does not proofread for correct spelling, typographical, grammatical, or scientific errors, nor can changes be made once the abstract is submitted.

* Title should be brief, in bold capital letters at the top of the abstract

* Author(s) should be listed by surname (underline) and initials, with the presenting author’s name underlined 

* The designation and organization should immediately follow the authors’ names (Organization/Institute, department, city, state, country of author)

* Text must be typed single-spaced, font 12 Arial with only the left margin justified

* Leave one line between the title/author/institution and the body  of the abstract

* Each abstract should contain: (a) an introductory sentence indicating the objective of the abstract (b) main content, including methods and results if relevant and (c) conclusions. It is expected that the abstract will include the summary of the original presentation

* Graphs, tables and illustration cannot be included in the abstract

* The abstract document MUST BE in WORD.doc format. Any other file type WILL NOT be accepted

* Abstracts must be submitted ON LINE or as "Microsoft Word" attachment to asadulghani@gmail.com with a cc to bd.bio.safetysecurity@gmail.com

Abstract: 200 words




















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Join Asia Pacific Biosafety and Biosecurity Preconference Workshop and Conference 2019 on September 17-20 in Bangladesh and Contribute in the Development of the Nation Sharing Yours Thoughts on the Roles of Biosafety and Biosecurity Knowledge and Sciences for Sustainable Development.