Ms Maureen Elis has been supporting the society activities since 2011. Ms Elis contributed in designing the bylaws and terms of reference of the society. She has also guided the society to come to the limelight and eventually the society has become the member of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations.

Since the foundation of the Society, Professor Dr Md Anwar Hossain is guiding the society to reach to its goal writing success stories. Nationwide biosafety and biosecurity program was designed under his guidance and he also mentored the development Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Guidelines. He has been the overall guardian of the society since its foundation.  

Professor Dr Be-Nazir Ahmed first declared that Bangladesh needs a society to coordinate and organize biosafety and biosecurity activities in this developing country to substantially contribute in the sustainable development in the health and agricultural sectors. The life members’ list of the society was opened with his name as he became the Fiirst Life member of the Society. He was the conference chair for the first international conference organized on December 2012. Under his guidance, Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity Program is Bangladesh was initiated in 2013.   

Dr Natasha K Griffith supported the initiation of coordinated Biorisk Management program in Bangladesh. Dr Griffith is working with Biosafety Office, icddr,b and Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society since 2012. Dr. Griffith has travelled different areas of Bangladesh and visited different institutes to promote biosafety and biosecurity knowledge and to organize hands-on and customized training to strengthen the biosafety and biosecurity status of the country. She has substentially supported the program on culture-free disease diagnosis and effective disease detection and control capabilities in Bangladesh. Strengthening biohazardous waste management system in Bangladesh initiating safe and secured packaging of hazardous waste was successfully implemented due to her support.