Sensetization Program in the Field of Biosafety and Biosecurity

  1. Program Introduction
  2. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Research and Diagnostic Laboratories and in Clinical Care

Biosafety and Biosecurity for Microbiological and Biomedical Research and Diagnostic Laboratories

  1. Safe laboratory design
  2. General laboratory safety
  3. Chemical safety
  4. Biosafety and biosecurity
  5. Biological waste management 
  6. Laboratory safety and security (Bengali)

Other Training Courses 

  1. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Clinical Care
  2. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Outbreak Investigation
  3. Biological Safety Cabinets Selection, Installation, Certification, and Maintenance
  4. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Teaching Laboratories
  5. Biosafety Officer and Institutional Biosafety Committee Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Biosafety and Biosecurity in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Society is organizing annual training on Biosafety and Biosecurity every year before the annual conference. In addition to that the society is also organizing training in association with the other organizations like Department of Livestock Services, Balgladesh LiveStock Research Institute, Dhaka University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib University, Chittagong University, etc., for promoting biosafety and biosecurity culture and practices in Bangladesh.