FABA Bangladesh Chapter

About FABA 

Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (FABA), established in 2005, is a non-profit, non-government registered organization under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. It is created to provide a global platform for development of biotechnology across the globe particularly in the Asian countries. The mission of FABA is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the biotech industry, academia, and healthcare sector.

For more than 15 years, FABA has been fostering collaboration between academia, industry and government, thus promoting investments in biotechnology and related fields. We facilitate cross border trade in terms of export, outsourcing of services, products and other related activities. FABA sponsors study and business teams in member countries and invites individuals, experts, scientists and similar delegations from member countries and across the world.

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About Bangladesh Chapter

The Bangladesh Chapter of FABA (https://fababd.org/) was initiated in February 2021 involving, scientists, researchers, academicians, industry partners and institutional members with the similar aim as FABA to create to provide a platform for development of biotechnology integrating and upholding biosafety and biosecurity in Biotechnology, under the umbrella of Bangladesh Biosafety and Biosecurity Society, with the following objectives:

  • To promote and safeguard overall interests of Biotechnology as science, profession, industry or trade by coordinating with research professionals, entrepreneurs, industries and academic institutions in Bangladesh

  • To promote collaborations between academia and industries engaged in Biotechnology at home and abroad

  • To promote the development of Biotechnology and establish just and equitable principles of participation and practice in Bangladesh and among the member countries